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Yes, show me the EXACT PROCESS to step
into meaningful work confidently
without sabotaging myself.

I understand on the call I will discover:

  • The exact 6-step process Stephanie has used to let go of her soul-crushing job and create meaningful work​...

  • ...WITHOUT working 24/7, wasting time on inefficient paths, or taking on jobs that are not right for you

  • How to develop your zone of genius to magnetically attract work that lights you up

  • What you should NEVER do when you start a business or completely change careers

  • The EXACT formula to eliminate self-doubt and sabotaging behaviors so you can show up empowered in YOUR work!


FREE! (valued at $197)

“I created a workshop, and put myself out there!”

"Since I've been through the Meaningful Work Blueprint program, I have a much better handle on my finances - I’m clearer about them, less triggered by looking at my bank account. I’ve also created a workshop, actually putting myself out in the arena. Big deal for me.

What I like best about working with Stephanie was the accountability. The questions I had to answer and the practices shared encouraged me to dive deeply into places I was scared to go, places I didn’t feel that I had the wherewithal to go. It was like someone was holding my hand into some of these scary and intimidating places. 

The Weekly Planning Guide was also a game-changer for me. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it really helps me focus and get my priorities done."

Evie Watts, North Carolina

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Hi I'm Stephanie Labay!

I help women at a crossroads who are feeling stuck, and ready for a change, create a more fulfilling & meaningful work life, have an impact, and feel energized instead of stressed and exhausted. ​

With a Master's in Engineering, close to a decade in the corporate world, and another decade teaching wellness & mindfulness practices, I combine neuroscience, performance optimization, EFT, and mindfulness in a unique blend to help women redefine what is possible and transition toward their Meaningful Work with clarity, ease, and confidence.

Ready to step into Meaningful Work?

Book a FREE meaningful work breakthrough session now!

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