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Vanessa Lively
Rita Figueiredo.png

"I'm thankful for Stephanie's incredible work. Starting with our discovery call I knew I had to work with her.
I'm more aware of my thoughts and easily recognize my triggers and where they come from. I'm learning not to judge, just witness and give them space to come to the surface. 

Stephanie digs deep into the issue so we can find together the root cause of some of my beliefs. She has the ability to create a safe container where any emotion is allowed and respected.
I feel lighter and not so stuck in my patterns. Now when I feel out of alignment I know out to get back on track."


Rita Figueiredo - New York

"Since I've been working with Stephanie, I feel that I have been able to work through some very deep, old beliefs, and bring them up to the surface in order to let them shift into something I truly believe now. I have had major shifts happen during our time together that have helped me navigate some really challenging changes in my life.
I love how present, observant, gentle yet also at times very direct she is and her guidance along the way is always so spot-on and incredible."

Vanessa Lively - Austin, Texas

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