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Ditch the Soul-Crushing Job,
It’s Time to do Work that Lights You Up!

(Watch the video!) There are 5 myths that are keeping women stuck in unfulfilling work, find out which one is keeping you from transitioning to meaningful work.

Valued at $197

If you feel disconnected from your work and you're not sure what your next step is, you're not alone. In this free 30-minute call, I will help you uncover the elements that are actually holding you back from taking action to create Meaningful Work and the one thing you can do right now so you can start making your dream a reality!

“I created a workshop, and put myself out there!”

"Since I've been through the Meaningful Work Blueprint program, I have a much better handle on my finances - I’m clearer about them, less triggered by looking at my bank account. I’ve also created a workshop, actually putting myself out in the arena. Big deal for me.

What I like best about working with Stephanie was the accountability. The questions I had to answer and the practices shared encouraged me to dive deeply into places I was scared to go, places I didn’t feel that I had the wherewithal to go. It was like someone was holding my hand into some of these scary and intimidating places. 

The Weekly Planning Guide was also a game-changer for me. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it really helps me focus and get my priorities done."

Evie Watts, North Carolina

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Hi I'm Stephanie Labay!

I help women at a crossroads who are feeling stuck, and ready for a change, create a more fulfilling & meaningful work life, have an impact, and feel energized instead of stressed and exhausted. ​

With a Master's in Engineering, close to a decade in the corporate world, and another decade teaching wellness & mindfulness practices, I combine neuroscience, performance optimization, EFT, and mindfulness in a unique blend to help women redefine what is possible and transition toward their Meaningful Work with clarity, ease, and confidence.

Ready to step into Meaningful Work?

Book a meaningful work breakthrough assessment now!

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