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How to successfully create change in 2022

Do you create new year's resolutions? What are you bringing in this year?

(seriously I'd love to know! :-))

Here is my take on resolutions. It is my experience, and those of the people I work with, that new year's resolutions tend to not stick because they rely on willpower. You might ask: what is wrong with that? Well, did you know that we only have a certain amount of willpower each day?

The beginning of the year is filled with "newness" that fuels our willpower. A rebound of energy and hope seems to be endless. However, a few weeks into it, the energy dampens and inevitably, we run out of willpower. Hence the lack of reliability for most of us. And worse, we end up beating ourselves up for not sticking to our promises.

If you're in that camp, first, you're not alone; second, try this instead.

Instead of goals, think of a vision. What do I mean by that?

Goals are specific. A vision is a little broader and allows for things and people that are not currently in your awareness to come forth.

Instead of a specific outcome, which is black & white, and fits in a defined mold, a vision allows for more possibility. It encompasses the direction you're headed towards and the intention and values that will guide your decisions.

Here are some basic steps to get you started.

1. Fill Your Cup

The first step is to take inventory of where you stand, what has worked over the past years, and what hasn't. What has filled your cup? And what/who has sucked your energy dry?

Be honest with yourself. And take responsibility too. This is not about beating yourself up, it's about awareness.

Now looking forward, can you set boundaries, and can you include more of the things that do fill your cup?

2. Define the direction

From a holistic point of view, what direction are you headed towards? What are you growing into?

If your goal is to leave your soul-depleting job to start the business of your dreams, can you envision doing so feeling healthy, loved, vibrant, and grounded?

If you can, then that is your beacon and your direction. If you cannot, go to 3.

3. Look at the obstacles

When you look at your vision, what are the fears? Are there any obstacles whether they are limiting beliefs or actual physical obstacles in the way? Are you holding yourself back? Do you get in your own way?

To continue with the example of starting your dream business, it manifests itself like this: you've started a business plan but can't seem to move forward with it. You have lots of good reasons for staying where you're at. Those reasons keep you safe in the well known.

But what is really holding you back? What are the underlying reasons, what are the stories that are keeping you stuck?

And at the same time, as you decide to stay in your current situation, why does this dream, this longing keep showing up?

The reasons are not always obvious and you might need professional assistance with clearing the obstacles but if the yearning keeps showing up, it means a part of you is ready to uplevel and this is an invitation to do a little bit more digging.

4. Refine Your Values

What do you value and how can your values inform your decisions?

In the Inspired Work Blueprint program, we go through a process to help you define your core values so that you are completely clear about what is important to you and you're consistently taking action in alignment with those values.

Life can throw curveballs at us and our core values help us land back on our feet no matter how much off course we might feel in any given moment.


I hope this is helpful. If you need help clearing some of the obstacles that keep showing up and you are ready to get out of your own way and uplevel, schedule a quick discovery call with me! I'd love to guide you and support you to make your vision a reality.


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Stephanie Labay helps women at a crossroads who are feeling stuck, and ready for a change, create a more fulfilling & meaningful work life, have an impact, and feel energized instead of stressed and exhausted.

With a Master's in Engineering, close to a decade in the corporate world, and another decade teaching wellness & mindfulness practices, she combines neuroscience, performance optimization, EFT, and mindfulness in a unique blend to help women redefine what is possible and transition toward their vision with clarity, ease, and confidence.

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