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Realign with Your Vision

Have you ever had a glimpse of how incredible and powerful your life could be? And... hours or days later, feeling a wave of powerlessness, hearing all the reasons why it will never be possible, how incapable you feel or will always feel. This familiar sense of being stuck yet again.

I believe that glimpse of how incredible and powerful your life could be is your true vision, it is very unique to you and it is aligned with the highest expression of who you have come to be.

Let me illustrate this with 2 simple lines. Visualize them one above the other.

Picture the upper line as a higher energetic level, your authentic core essence, and the vision you are growing toward.

Now think of the lower line as the current energetic level you're feeling stuck at.

This line is lower because it is held down under a weight of limiting beliefs, patterns, and even judgments toward what you actually want.

When you're feeling stuck, you are essentially not aligned with that higher energetic level: you've stepped out of your authentic path.

This is all energetics.

For your current energetic level to gradually shift toward the higher energetic level, you need 3 things:

#1 reorient

If you keep trying to solve this area of your life the same way you've always had, from the same thought patterns and approaches, you will most likely not make the quantum leap to the upper energetic level.

You need a drastically new approach.

#2 unblock

You need to unblock the weight that is keeping that energetic level down.

What are the stories you tell yourself about this specific subject?

What memories pop up when you feel stuck and incapable of figuring this out?

What unblocking and clearing practices do you cultivate?

#3 listen

Reconnect to your inner wisdom (your true voice), it's always talking to you but you may not hear it because fear and worries (the old voice) have been a lot louder.

Here is an example:

Imagine you feel you are ready to move to another city. The old voice might be telling you to move to City A because it is known and predictable. It's safe. However, this old voice CANNOT lead you to a place you are not yet aware of, right?

It cannot lead you to City B you didn't even know would be exactly the place the highest version of yourself would love and need to expand fully.

When you learn to follow your inner wisdom and are led to this new place through a series of serendipities, you realize it was exactly the place you had been desperately craving your whole life. You've realigned with that upper level.

Only by listening and following the whispers of that true voice could it be part of your reality.


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Stephanie Labay helps women at a crossroads who are feeling stuck, and ready for a change, create a more fulfilling & meaningful work life, have an impact, and feel energized instead of stressed and exhausted.

With a Master's in Engineering, close to a decade in the corporate world, and another decade teaching wellness & mindfulness practices, she combines neuroscience, performance optimization, EFT, and mindfulness in a unique blend to help women redefine what is possible and transition toward their vision with clarity, ease, and confidence.

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Clearing Limiting Beliefs Takes Dedicated Work.

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