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Working with Stephanie was an eye opening experience. Not only was I able to learn what EFT was all about and how it works but she helped me really get to the root of the emotions I was experiencing at the time. I went into our session feeling that I had one problem to solve and came out with a whole new perspective on my life. I was able to see how I had been holding on to a small incident from my childhood for all of these years. I now see that this story has been showing up and repeating itself over and over again throughout my adult life and affecting a lot of the decisions I make. Through the EFT session I was able to release the hurt that I felt as a little girl and let everything go. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest. Thank you Stephanie!

Jessica S. - Ontario

Stephanie is wonderful! She immediately created a safe container for our time together. I truly appreciated how she knew the right questions to ask so that she could get clear on the work that we were going to do together. I had a few realizations around the beliefs I created around money - making it and sustaining myself. We went through a series/sequence of tapping where I experienced a deep emotional release - first through tears and then in my body. I would highly recommend Stephanie's offering. She is simply amazing to work with and I learned so much in just 1 hour.

Alex C. - California


I thoroughly enjoy my EFT sessions with Stephanie Labay. She has a refreshing calm and kind energy and does a great job holding the space for thoughts and emotions to come up so I can process them. I always walk away from our sessions feeling clear-headed and calm. We’ve successfully been able to clear up some childhood traumatic events that were subconsciously contributing to my present-day anxiety. I love EFT because it works, and it’s so good to work with such a compassionate practitioner.


Vannessa C. - California


First of all, I'm extremely grateful for the EFT session with Stephanie. I was fortunate enough to experience a significant breakthrough during the session. The breakthrough was an unexpected realization about the source of repeating thought patterns and behaviors that I have experienced for many years. Since the session, I have been able to have a greater understanding of these patterns and behaviors. I believe the only reason I was able to experience a profound breakthrough like this was because of Stephanie's guidance throughout the session. She expertly directed the session in with an intuitive sense that brought us straight to the heart of it. Also, her focused attention and genuine care created a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing details of my life with her. Thank you so much Stephanie.

Tim H. - Texas​

My EFT session with Stephanie was very positive in many ways. I felt at ease from the start in how she guided me to find the present and center myself. She invited my input to be voiced throughout the session, I enjoyed the space/time she allowed for me to feel into anything that was happening in my body. I felt supported and guided in a very gentle way and comfortable to let go (which is often difficult being a practitioner myself!). The shift and realization that happened for me was a very welcome surprise having worked on this issue before, it was the first time I saw and felt a positive shift/reframe and resolution. I would with no doubt recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for an EFT practitioner.

Cristiana B. - New Zealand

I enjoyed my session with Stephanie because it allowed me to confront an uncomfortable feeling. We then took that thought/feeling and refocused the thought pattern until I felt empowered. When a similar situation happened a few weeks later, I responded differently and the outcome was better for me.

Kimberly M. - Texas

I am very grateful to Stephanie. She helped me to identify my issues at a much deeper level. I would highly recommend Stephanie's name if anyone is wanting to undergo EFT sessions. She is highly skillful and mindful in applying EFT to produce excellent results for her clients.

Nizam T. - India

Stephanie Labay is calming, soothing, and very attuned to my inner state during our My EFT Sessions. I would say she is uniquely well-fitted for this powerful mode of therapy.


Nicolette G. - Texas

Stephanie is an amazing EFT practitioner. She listened tentatively to the issue I was describing, and very professionally helped me release an emotional charge around the issues allowing me to feel calm, relaxed and at peace. I highly recommend Stephanie as an EFT practitioner.

Ronan M. - England

This was a great session! I thought I would address something on the top of my head but we ended up going to something deeper that was really troubling me and had been for a long time. The EFT session let me work this out better and soothe my mind (and heart). It was very interesting and I look forward to having another session with Stephanie!

Leslie W. - Texas

Stephanie's patience and effective use of EFT helped me to uncover a childhood memory that I believe may be at the root of an issue I am currently dealing with. It's not always easy to work on your issues. This memory, while minor nature, wasn't something I particularly wanted to share. Stephanie is such a calm presence, and she created a safe space for me to work through this memory.

Kimberly W. - Colorado

Stephanie was a calm, grounded presence and helped me to shift perceptions on an event that happened long ago that I had done work on in the past. I probably wouldn't have gone back to that event without working with her, but I'm glad I did. It was incredibly helpful.

Christine M. - Boston

Thank you for being so kind and sharing your expertise with me. I felt so much better afterwards.

Sarah S. - Texas

Stephanie was wonderful! She was so gentle yet thorough with everything that came up. I felt very held and safe going into child abuse that typically scares me. She made sure to clear everything around the event while also following the new memories surfacing. I left feeling so confident and happy, and still have zero fears around this issue! Highly recommend working with her!

Laura P. - Colorado

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