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While working with Stephanie, I’ve seen a change in energy around my family. There’s less tension and more openness. I feel safer and more open to be my authentic self. I feel more open and loving. I find I get triggered less easily and find it easier to connect with people. I also have more tools for when I do feel a trigger/block or some resistance. 

I loved how with each session, we’d find a new topic to work on. Each session was always a little different and I got something new out of it each time. 

I feel emotionally lighter after these 6 weeks. It was difficult work and a lot of layers to be shed. There’s more work to be done but I have a good idea on what was holding me back and will continue tapping on whatever comes up around these areas. 

Ewa Niesciuszko-Bujnicka - Texas

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I'm thankful for Stephanie's incredible work. Starting with our discovery call I felt so safe, seen, and heard that I knew I had to work with her.
I'm more aware of my thoughts and easily recognize my triggers and where they come from. I'm learning not to judge, just witness and give them space to come to the surface. When I feel I'm out of alignment I tap so I can better process my emotions.

I felt very comfortable sharing my experiences with Stephanie. She digs deep into the issue so we can find together the root cause of some of my beliefs. She has the ability to create a safe container where any emotion is allowed and respected.
I feel lighter and not so stuck in my patterns. Now when I feel out of alignment I know out to get back on track. 

I would recommend her services to people who feel stuck in repeating patterns. Her work is perfect for people who want to clear beliefs from childhood that are interfering with their current life and prevent them a living a better life. 
I really appreciate her dedication to her practice, she never rushed to finish a session. She is a great professional who knows how to listen and provide the right atmosphere to such intimate work. 


Rita Figueiredo - New York

Vanessa Lively


Since I've been working with Stephanie, I feel that I have been able to work through some very deep, old beliefs, and bring them up to the surface in order to let them shift into something I truly believe now. I have had major shifts happen during our time together that have helped me navigate some really challenging changes in my life.
I love how present, observant, gentle yet also at times very direct she is throughout our sessions. She helps guide me into presence, slow down, then sit with uncomfortable feelings that left to my own devices, I can't help but avoid and run away from. This practice helps me stay with the discomfort and let it transform into a much softer space....and her guidance along the way is always so spot on and incredible.
I have been able to develop a home practice with EFT, that I can use in between sessions when I notice myself being triggered, stressed, anxious, or afraid of what is in front of me. This has been a tool that I have used so many times and I am grateful for it.
I have already recommended her to so many friends. I think she is an incredible EFT practitioner and she also brings so much more to the sessions. Her meditation and yoga practice, her assertive, strong qualities, and nurturing maternal sensitivity blend together to make a deeply impactful therapeutic practice.

Vanessa Lively - Austin, Texas

Caryn Carruthers


Before starting the Courage to Rise program I had experienced a few of Stephanie's offerings and have always appreciated her direct gentleness and understanding sense of humor. She has a knack for bringing people together at just the right time in just the right way.

Before starting the program, I kept waiting for the right time and the motivation to break through my barriers around writing everyday. During the course of the program I was introduced to the concepts of being our own parental figure and harnessing activation energy. These concepts and the others she introduced changed my perception of how I needed to approach the change I wanted to see in my life and helped me find the mindset needed to make the changes.

Her tools are well respected and practical, the program is deep and rich with content I will continue to digest for a long time. I appreciate being part of the group of women she brought together for the program and recommend it to anyone looking to make a positive change in their life.

I am happy to report that I haven't missed a day of writing since the program ended. :)

Caryn Carruthers - Texas

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Since I've been through the [coaching] program, I have a much better handle on my finances - I’m clearer about them, less triggered by looking at my bank account. I’ve also created a workshop, actually putting myself out in the arena. Big deal for me.

What I like best about working with Stephanie was the accountability. The questions I had to answer and the practices shared encouraged me to dive deeply into places I was scared to go, places I didn’t feel that I had the wherewithal to go. It was like someone was holding my hand into some of these scary and intimidating places. And I loved the meditations. I will use those again and again.

The Weekly Planning Guide is also a game-changer for me. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now and it really helps me focus and get my priorities done. So often, it’s even hard for me to remember what my weekly priorities were by Wednesday.

I would definitely recommend Stephanie's services. It’s been a pleasure and I do feel like I have a number of wonderful new tools in my belt. Thank you SO much.

Evie Watts, North Carolina




Before the Courage to Rise program, I was stuck in various areas where I've seen myself make improvements before, and struggling with making long-term goals to help guide my motivation/focus

During the program, I was able to transition into action on a variety of things including the use of task mgmt tools, starting to organize projects and think about things big picture (not getting so stuck in the details), and getting a lot of to-do's done. I started finding sustained momentum to keep focusing on staying organized, activated, and motivated. 


After the program, I've had a few noticeable shifts. For starters, I'm going into resetting habits for myself and getting things done with the peace and clarity I was missing before. Something has clicked into place that makes the work I'm doing now feel more fluid and restorative, versus having a tone of forced improvement.


As someone who's done a lot of self-care/recovery work, another big shift I've noticed is acceptance and assuredness around my wellness journey, including where I've been and where I'm going with self-care and personal growth. Stephanie pulled together a lot of core concepts I've picked up in my recovery work plus therapy and personal studies, meditation, workshops, etc. I have a better big-picture view of how it all ties together, and she puts more warmth and softness into it which I really needed personally. I definitely leveled up balancing being gentle with myself while encouraging myself to improve, and am experiencing a massive positive change due to this. 


Additionally, finding these big ties between areas I hadn't previously, also totally shifted my perspective and encouraged me to appreciate the work I've been doing, and realize I'm not as stuck as I keep telling myself I am. With these breakthroughs, I'm now seeing other things sliding into place. Almost immediately after taking the Courage to Rise program, I felt more compassion toward myself, my growth, and how I go about it than I ever have. It's such a major shift, like a rite of passage.  

I feel like a new person that has grown substantially in a very big way, and I can't go back to how I was thinking before. 


What I liked most about the program aside from working with Stephanie & her curated guidance, is I appreciated all the different information she pulled together and the flow of the course. I thought the way and the order she presented all the course information was very thoughtful. I could tell at the end that she had taken us on a journey of improvement and that she really thought about when and how to provide valuable insight to us.


For others, I noticed a lot of the women on the call being introduced to many of the concepts for the first time that are so integral for self-acceptance/growth/compassion. I loved seeing how gracefully she provided and transferred that knowledge to them, and then watching them run with it! I know her 1-to-1 calls with everyone made a big difference too. I think that's a very unique and incredibly powerful and necessary part of what she's offering in the program.

K.J. Kellogg, Texas

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Working with Stephanie was an eye-opening experience. Not only was I able to learn what EFT was all about and how it works but she helped me really get to the root of the emotions I was experiencing at the time. I went into our session feeling that I had one problem to solve and came out with a whole new perspective on my life. I was able to see how I had been holding on to a small incident from my childhood for all of these years. I now see that this story has been showing up and repeating itself over and over again throughout my adult life and affecting a lot of the decisions I make. Through the EFT session I was able to release the hurt that I felt as a little girl and let everything go. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my chest. Thank you Stephanie!

Jessica S. - Ontario


Stephanie is wonderful! She immediately created a safe container for our time together. I truly appreciated how she knew the right questions to ask so that she could get clear on the work that we were going to do together. I had a few realizations around the beliefs I created around money - making it and sustaining myself. We went through a series/sequence of tapping where I experienced a deep emotional release - first through tears and then in my body. I would highly recommend Stephanie's offering. She is simply amazing to work with and I learned so much in just 1 hour.

Alex C. - California


Stephanie was a calm, grounded presence and helped me to shift perceptions on an event that happened long ago that I had done work on in the past. I probably wouldn't have gone back to that event without working with her, but I'm glad I did. It was incredibly helpful.

Christine M. - Boston

Stephanie was wonderful! She was so gentle yet thorough with everything that came up. I felt very held and safe going into child abuse that typically scares me. She made sure to clear everything around the event while also following the new memories surfacing. I left feeling so confident and happy, and still have zero fears around this issue! Highly recommend working with her!

Laura P. - Colorado

I thoroughly enjoy my EFT sessions with Stephanie Labay. She has a refreshing calm and kind energy and does a great job holding the space for thoughts and emotions to come up so I can process them. I always walk away from our sessions feeling clear-headed and calm. We’ve successfully been able to clear up some childhood traumatic events that were subconsciously contributing to my present-day anxiety. I love EFT because it works, and it’s so good to work with such a compassionate practitioner.


Vannessa C. - California


First of all, I'm extremely grateful for the EFT session with Stephanie. I was fortunate enough to experience a significant breakthrough during the session. The breakthrough was an unexpected realization about the source of repeating thought patterns and behaviors that I have experienced for many years. Since the session, I have been able to have a greater understanding of these patterns and behaviors. I believe the only reason I was able to experience a profound breakthrough like this was because of Stephanie's guidance throughout the session. She expertly directed the session in with an intuitive sense that brought us straight to the heart of it. Also, her focused attention and genuine care created a safe space where I felt comfortable sharing details of my life with her. Thank you so much Stephanie.

Tim H. - Texas​

My EFT session with Stephanie was very positive in many ways. I felt at ease from the start in how she guided me to find the present and center myself. She invited my input to be voiced throughout the session, I enjoyed the space/time she allowed for me to feel into anything that was happening in my body. I felt supported and guided in a very gentle way and comfortable to let go (which is often difficult being a practitioner myself!). The shift and realization that happened for me was a very welcome surprise having worked on this issue before, it was the first time I saw and felt a positive shift/reframe and resolution. I would with no doubt recommend Stephanie to anyone looking for an EFT practitioner.

Cristiana B. - New Zealand


At first I had some reservations. Sharing personal problems with another person is always difficult for me. As I worked with Stephanie, I quickly found that I could easily open up to her and not feel judged. 

The biggest results that I’m most grateful for are my mood stability and not being hijacked by memories that would have otherwise overtaken my whole day. 

What I liked best about working with Stephanie is I felt that I could share anything with her. There was nothing that I felt was too personal or too big for us to work on. I now have tools to deal with any situation that might arise in the future. I can listen to my body and know what I need to do to deal with any situation in a healthy manner.

I would highly recommend Stephanie's services to anyone open-minded and dedicated & willing to put in the work required to achieve results. 

Alla Kotenko - Washington

I am very grateful to Stephanie. She helped me to identify my issues at a much deeper level. I would highly recommend Stephanie's name if anyone is wanting to undergo EFT sessions. She is highly skillful and mindful in applying EFT to produce excellent results for her clients.

Nizam T. - India

Stephanie is an amazing EFT practitioner. She listened tentatively to the issue I was describing and very professionally helped me release an emotional charge around the issues allowing me to feel calm, relaxed and at peace. I highly recommend Stephanie as an EFT practitioner.

Ronan M. - England

This was a great session! I thought I would address something on the top of my head but we ended up going to something deeper that was really troubling me and had been for a long time. The EFT session let me work this out better and soothe my mind (and heart). It was very interesting and I look forward to having another session with Stephanie!

Leslie W. - Texas​


Stephanie's patience and effective use of EFT helped me to uncover a childhood memory that I believe may be at the root of an issue I am currently dealing with. It's not always easy to work on your issues. This memory, while minor nature, wasn't something I particularly wanted to share. Stephanie is such a calm presence, and she created a safe space for me to work through this memory.

Kimberly W. - Colorado

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